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Jaine Briscoe-Price

Let me tell you a little bit about my team!

About Jaine

Great social photography is instinctive; it is about understanding people, reading their expressions and observing their interaction to accurately portray their character. This skill cannot be bottled or taught, but comes naturally, enhanced by an eye for detail and a sound technical base.

Jaine combines her art college education and commercial experience with her warm, outgoing personality and natural sense of fun to inject energy into each and every shoot, quickly putting everyone at ease whilst creating strong, visually stunning images.

Her state of the art studio offers two purpose built studios, a relaxing client reception area, ample parking and the most scenic of locations (which Jaine puts to good use on many portrait and fashion makeover shoots). The fun, relaxed atmosphere of her all female team is apparent from your initial phone call to the moment you arrive which soon removes any pre-shoot nerves! You will be expertly guided throughout your photographic experience by office manager Camilla, studio apprentice Gemma, makeup artists Sarah and Jane should you be having a boudoir or fashion session, confidently encouraged to have fun whilst you pose with Jaine herself and then enjoy the luxury of having your images expertly enhanced by experienced digital artist Laura.

Jaines’ philosophy is that the shoot is all about you! She and her team are there to make each photo-shoot individual, relaxed and enjoyable for you all.... producing stunning imagery which you will proudly display in your preferred style, to enjoy year after year.



BIPP NW - Gold - Studio Portrait
BIPP NW - Silver - Wedding Album
BIPP NW - Bronze - Wedding Album
BIPP NW - Bronze - Creative Portrait
BIPP NW - Merit - Under 5’s
BIPP NW - Merit - Fashion & Beauty

2006 – 2010

None entered

2005 - 2006

M.P.A - North West Photographer of the year
North West Professional Photography Awards
Bronze - Reportage Wedding
Gold - Studio Portrait Photography
Merit - Reportage Wedding Photography
Merit - Fine Art and Illustrative
Merit - Classical Wedding Photography
Merit - Environmental Portrait Photography
Merit - Creative Wedding Photography


B.P.P.A. - Award of Excellence - Fashion
B.P.P.A. - Award of Excellence - Portrait
B.P.P.A. - 8 Awards of Excellence
M.P.A -North West - Winner - Fashion
B.I.P.P. - North West - Winner - Wedding Album


M.P.A. - National Award - Winner - Mother & Child
M.P.A. - North West - Winner - Avant Garde Portrait
M.P.A. - North West - 3 Merits
M.P.A. - National Award of Excellence - Wedding

2001 - 2002

H.Samuel Engaged Couple of the Year - Winner

Behind the Lens

Has photography always been your passion?

Well... photography and horses too!

So when I am out on location, shooting a family with their horses, dogs etc I couldn’t be happier!

How did you start professionally?

I loved art at school but knew I would never make a living that way... so a friend suggested art college. From there I realised that people are my passion and my skill... really getting to understand how to make someone feel naturally at ease....and then capturing that look, that smile...

How has digital photography changed what you do?

Fortunately I commenced my professional career just at the onset of the digital revolution... I had specific elements I wished to include within my work, such as black hand printed borders.. Using digital capture enabled me to achieve the results I wished for. I still miss that lovely peaceful time in the darkroom, when an image appears ever so slowly in the dish of developer but demand is now for the immediate and we, as a business, have to reflect that too.

What is your favourite form of photography?

People, people, people ... from fashion to family and babies to boudoir... if there is a personality to capture then I am in my element!

Historically, whose photographic style do you admire?

Norman Parkinson was a master, creating elegance from every angle. Irving Penn captured people in such a raw form that the viewer could almost sense their presence... but then Bob Carlos Clarke and Helmut Newton pushed boundaries with human form and strong lighting which I often refer to....

Ooh the list is endless... so many masters of light and composition – we can never stop learning!

What’s the best thing about your job?

Everything - Truly it is great to be able to work with such lovely people, encourage them to blossom in front of the lens and then retain that image or persona in a timeless manner.

Who takes your holiday photos?

I choose prior to travelling whether it is a chill out holiday (therefore a point and shoot camera which rarely gets used) or a photojournalistic holiday when the kit is packed and images taken such as in Morocco or Auswitzch

What do you do to relax?

Scuba dive, ski, sail, ride, go shopping or festivals.... or chill out with a glass of wine and a good book!