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Jaine Briscoe-Price

Welcome to our Photography blog
A place to share our work and interests with clients and friends.

Be well hung this Christmas!

We have been blown away by the response to our recent Groupon offers for Boudoir and makeover shoots and how popular they have proved to be with ladies wanting to give their husband a cheeky Christmas surprise. We are actually booking into March 2013 already!

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Old versus New

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So many of our clients say to us ‘digital cameras must have made your life so much easier’ and to some extent they’re right. Technically, taking a photograph is easy now – in theory you set your SLR to auto, pick your subject and off you go.

But what separates someone with a camera from a photographer, is their ability to paint with light – to create subtleties and nuances in an image that bring the subject to life, that make it breathe from the paper or screen.

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Truly inspirational

AC 7299 018L 10X8 lrWe’ve been privileged to photograph some pretty amazing people in our time, but none more so than Emi Howe – a young mum of two who is a passionate campaigner for KidsCan – the Children’s Cancer Research Charity. But that isn’t the only thing that makes Emi amazing.

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Keep smiling!

IMG 9977If there’s one thing we can be sure about here in the studio, it’s that whoever walks through the door can be from any walk of life. Appearances can be deceptive and our job is to strip away the profession, the education, the uniform and the preconceptions to expose the person behind it all.

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And the dog came too

29 09 12We’re a bit animal mad here at the studio as our logo might suggest! Our pets are like family to us, which is why we encourage you to include your four legged friends in your family portraits. We regularly take photos of all sorts of pets – from handsome horses to furry felines, and dogs often feature in engagement prints, family groups and wedding photos. Our studio and outside space means we’re well set up to welcome your extended family, or we can come to you if that makes life easier.

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