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"Babies are a great way of making people!".
It's always a good time to take great portraits of your family...

FAQ : Portrait

How do I book my appointment?

Contact Camilla at the studio, with a few dates already in mind. She will talk through what you hope for from your photo shoot. To secure your appointment, Camilla will take a refundable booking fee from you, sending a confirmation letter with directions and suggestions of what to wear etc.

What happens next?

Please arrive with a time to spare! We are based down a country lane but Sat Nav for CH3 6NY will bring you to the door. If you are early, you can look around at many styles of work in the reception, but if you're late it does cut into your shoot time and provides added stress for you!

I hate my photograph being taken!

Don't worry! We hear that all the time. Jaine is skilled in relaxing you, whilst making the shoot fun and guiding you through various poses that will feel natural! All images are retouched prior to print, so if you have a spot or bruise it will be discreetly removed!

What should I/we wear?

Portrait shoots work best if all the tones blend together. Loud patterns and stripes only draw the eye to these areas and become too dominant in the picture. Pay attention not to wear bright socks, see through blouses and Makeover sessions are very different! Bring along a collection of clothes and shoes that work as structured outfits (even coats/ hats etc) as Jaine would rather have more clothes from which to select two very different looks. At all times nails should be either clear or well polished, with children looking their very best in a natural way.

What if my children play up?

Please relax; the more you worry, the more the children will play up! Don't over emphasise the shoot, merely mention that you are visiting Jaine's play room….Upon arrival she will ascertain which child needs certain levels of attention, engaging with them allowing you to sit back and watch as your children respond. Jaine never needs to ask them to smile!

What if my baby cries?

That's what babies do!...... So be prepared with a bottle, nappies etc and relax. Each appointment has ample time built in to ensure the best images are achievable, even if you need to feed, change or settle your child.

What happens next?

Jaine will arrange a second appointment for you to view all the images taken via a lovely slideshow at the studio. She will help you to select the images you would prefer for a wall portrait, portfolio or album, along with a wide choice of frames and other presentations.

Our promise is that you choose what you want – no pressure sales guaranteed!

Jaine respectfully requests that no children attend the viewing, to enable you to concentrate fully upon your portrait selection.

How long will the pictures take?

Dependent upon your choice or prints and frames, the work will be retouched, printed, mounted and assembled in house, undergoing strict quality control at all times. This usually takes five weeks during which you will be kept informed of all progress. Should you be short of time for a specific birthday / anniversary then please let Jaine know and she will do her very best to accommodate you.