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“Love makes the world go round”
…and Jaine couldn’t agree more!

What are your prices and album options?

Please click here to download out latest wedding brochure including pricing and album options.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

It is essential to "click" with your photographer, therefore Jaine invites all interested couples to an informal meeting at her Cheshire studio where you can look through many "real" wedding albums and discuss your wedding plans in finer detail. Once you have met with Jaine, realising her enthusiasm, energy and visual strengths, you will hopefully have found your wedding photographer! If so, a written confirmation with £500 booking fee is required to secure Jaine for that date – Jaine is then yours and yours alone!

What happens next?

Your complimentary pre-wedding location shoot will be arranged at a venue you prefer, beach, woodland, or even a scrap yard! This session emulates the relaxed direction Jaine will give on your wedding day, encouraging you to relax, interact and enjoy the experience. Shooting a range of images in various styles enables you to see firsthand how time efficient, intuitive and creative Jaine can be.

What if we don't want a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Look on this shoot as a trial run, to get the very best out of your wedding day imagery. Trust Jaine to guide you through the shoot; you will gain confidence and love the results – it's a promise!

How do we choose our Pre-Wedding Shoot images?

Your viewing is a great experience, and a further chance to get to know Jaine better. The same viewing system is used for both this shoot and your wedding images, so everything is a dress rehearsal! Once you have identified your favourite images you decide whether to have them in a bespoke guest book for people to sign on the wedding day, or within a large mount which your guests can sign on the wedding day. A further option is to frame one and give it as a thank-you gift to parents at the wedding.

How long will Jaine attend my wedding?

Jaine has devised a series of options so that you may select the right coverage for you.

When do we plan our wedding day?

A month or two before your wedding, Jaine will meet with you (either at the venue or in her studio) to run through a timescale which allows for maximum fun and minimum fuss! She will send this plan to you for your approval, asking you to circulate other copies to key people involved in your wedding; Parents, Best Man, Venue and Caterer. This ensures you are relaxed prior to and during your wedding day, with Jaine shooting the images you wish for in an informal manner with plenty of socialising time available for you to spend with your family & guests.

Why does Jaine work with a second photographer?

Jaine's personality is larger than life! This gift enables her to interact with you and your family, banter with a cheeky best man and to get the best results from both the bridal party and your guests. Jaine will often have the attention of those being photographed, making them aware of her presence, looking straight into her lens! To ensure that your imagery also has a very relaxed element, her second photographer will subtly work in Jaine's vicinity, but interacting very little with the guests and bridal party, capturing the more reportage element of the day.
Between them they capture every look, every moment, every time!

How will the wedding day flow?

A wedding begins in the bedroom.... getting ready of course!

Jaine and her second photographer will arrive at a predetermined time to photograph all the details you took so long to choose, jewellery, shoes, flowers, tiara and the dress itself. During this time she will interact with your bridesmaids and family, capturing the excitement as the marriage hour approaches!

Once you are photographed in your dress they will visit the Groom, best man and ushers (you can trust her to ensure ties are correct and buttonholes in place!) capturing the camaraderie as the pre-ceremony nerves kick in.

Photographs during the ceremony are respectfully taken in accordance with the officiator's rules, but where possible Jaine will discreetly capture a look, a tear and a kiss.

Celebrating your marriage is the most important element, so Jaine will stay in the background, shooting in a reportage style as you socialise, greet your guests and have fun immediately after the ceremony; followed by an orchestrated, relaxed group shot of all your guests prior to throwing the confetti!

Never do we hear "I didn't speak to any of my guests" as Jaine builds time into your day to capture hugs, kisses and the ambient laughter that makes each wedding a joy to attend. Photographs taken during this social element portray the emotions of your day, taken prior to the slightly more composed elements such as family, fun, interiors and of course, romantic photography where Jaine creatively combines timeless imagery that is both sensitive and glamorous, with the most stunning areas of your venue and grounds.

Jaine leaves as you enter the dining room, to allow you and your guests to enjoy a banquet without a camera in sight!

Does Jaine stay for the evening?

Not every wedding requires evening coverage, but should you wish to capture the speeches & first dance or if you have fireworks, lanterns or other elements you wish to remember, Jaine will happily attend (for an additional fee & some food!)

Do I give you a long list of photos that we want?

Not at all! The pre-wedding meeting is the time to explain who is classed as immediate family, additional images you may wish (an aunt from Australia etc) and to discuss your preferences from the sample albums Jaine will show you. The rest is left for Jaine to capture, as it happens, when it happens, ensuring your wedding album is as unique as you and your family are.

When & how do we view our photographs?

A date will have been booked for you to visit the studio; sit back, enjoy a glass of champagne and watch all the images taken in a beautifully presented slide show (which you get to keep!). Then run through the photographs with Jaine, as you did from the pre-wedding images, to select your favourites which combine to tell the story of your wedding day. Jaine will note any amendments to the images and your preferences (black & white, pairings etc) to carry into the album design.

How will friends and family view and purchase images?

All images are placed on Jaine's website enabling friends and family to view, select and purchase the images that they'd like.

How do we design the album?

Your selected images will be enhanced by Laura, a trained Photoshop © whiz and then designed into your chosen album style and layout by Jaine, who naturally understands the flow of your wedding day. This does take a great deal of time;

Will you travel to our wedding?

Of course! Jaine loves the challenge of visiting new venues and exploring the very best viewpoints. Local weddings do not incur travel charges, but those further than 40 miles would incur a small mileage fee.

Is Jaine Briscoe-Price Photography insured?

Yes, with specific photographic insurers Camerasure Alliance

What if Jaine is sick or unable to attend on the day?

Thankfully it hasn't happened yet! In the unlikely event that Jaine cannot attend a wedding, she has a large network of other photographers who know her approach and style who can be called upon to step in, pending your approval. Other photographers also have the assurance that Jaine would do the same for them too!